Medical Cannabis Educational Center in Southern California Legal Cannabis Delivery

Who We Are

We Practice Diversity

MCEC is proud to be the first State-Sanctioned, 100% Woman-Owned Medical Cannabis Delivery Service in Southern California. We transport lab tested and legal medical cannabis, edibles, concentrates and cannabis related products throughout Southern California. Our reputation and footprint continues to grow by providing best of breed products, creating an exceptional experience and making a positive impact in all the communities we serve.

We Believe "Knowledge is Power"

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”
There have been many years of misinformation regarding cannabis, and we are here to dispel that pattern. Did you know that there are about 779 known strains of cannabis, and that this number is only growing? Probably not, but that’s why MCEC is here. Our team not only provides a premium conceirge level service, but we also bring knowledge & wisdom to our communities regarding this wonderful plant.

We Embrace Collaboration

MCEC is company that was built with great intent and integrity. Early on we established a culture we refer to as our founding principles: Work hard to help transform the lives of our members, inspired by our members. Collaborate as a team to ensure knowledge and wisdom are shared for the benefit of all. Adhere to high ethical standards by being transparent, truthful and trustworthy. Stay passionate and committed to being good ambassadors throughout the legal cannabis community.

We are Eco-Conscious

MCEC understands the importance of caring for the earth, so we have implemented several procedures to ensure our part such as using recycled bags for packaging, establishing a vape recycling program, and using specific waste management companies that properly dispose of our waste. We also make it priority to carry environmentally-friendly brands that have implemented similar procedures or steps.

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Medical Cannabis Educational Center